The SoundBwoi Killaz

The SoundBwoi Killaz
The SoundBwoi Killaz
What happens when you bring a seasoned veteran mc & an accomplished battle tested turntablist/record producer who are about bringing change to the way hip hop music and lifestyle is portrayed together?
What happens is the 2 forces together become The SoundBwoi Killaz: Two hip hop heads that came together through their love of hip hop.

The SoundBwoi Killaz are a representation of taking the music back to bring it forward so that there is balance which is sorely lacking in today’s culture of Bling Bling and Materialism. A Mc & a DJ interacting not only on records but also on stage to bring forth the feelings you got when you saw legendary groups such as Run DMC, Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. In the Philadelphia tradition which held license to this being the standard, The SoundBwoi Killaz make teamwork the priority over individualism.

DJ Slice & Darian the Great “DTG” came together sometime in late in 2005 through a member of Slice’s crew “The Cr8Kickers” & after multiple recording sessions, spawned a compilation cd & DTG’s first solo release “The Long Awaited Pain” which became a precursor to the two brothers deciding to not only come together as a group but to record the album “Out With The Bad, In With The Great”. The idea that an such an act where the dj and mc actually working together on a record is something that is sorely missing in the streets which led to the further strengthening of the bond between Slice & D. After performing several Tri State shows together, including have Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers say “Damn ‘They are dope & the essence of Hip Hop for real” and being received well by our local audience, they knew that as 1 unit, they would be a force to be reckoned with.

The album represents bringing change by taking its audience backwards in time in order to bring that same audience forward with the intention to make hip hop culture and not just the music credible again to all age groups.

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