Gerry Kelly is the “James Brown” of the South Beach Night Club scene. I think he’s the hardest working man in the night club business. He has the ability to gather all races of people and make them party together. It doesn’t matter if your black, white, Hispanic, Asian or fucking Vulcan.

You’re going to go to a Gerry Kelly party because A Gerry Kelly party don’t stop! Lolo

Seriously! Gerry makes you feel special. You will see Gerry talking to the most thugged out brother with a mouth filled with gold and 20 minutes later…shaking the hand of an executive who he arranged a corporate Christmas party for. Then he flipped the script on south beach and ran over the bridge to downtown Miami and ran thru Karu & Y.

It was thick up in M-IV

I was so happy when he announced M-IV  because that meant I no longer needed to drive from Hollywood, Florida down to Miami or south beach. The second biggest thing is parking is free and they don’t call it Fort Liquordale for nothing. When the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino opened up I was elated! A Vegas style casino was in my back yard that had several Night clubs and a venue large enough to have major artist stay and perform. So I found my self rarely heading south to party after work.

At the Rock… Wet Willies is next door to the “Improv” comedy club. Plus up in Ft Lauderdale it’s more of an adult crowd. The Casino’s are adult playgrounds therefore the clubs surrounding them are geared towards adults. The Opium Group Fled North to the Promised Land first which put much needed flavor into the night club scene in ft Lauderdale. The competition from Gerry will be helpful for Fort Lauderdale. The Fort Lauderdale scene is more conservative than the south beach scene.

It’s more black & white in Fort Lauderdale. You see more rebel flags on vehicles and they will not flee from an influx of ethnic groups. Sad it may be! But it keeps a strong police presence.Which means a couple strolling along hand in hand, recklessly involved in the love for one another will not be interrupted.

M-IV GRAND OPENING @ GLUFSTREAM PARK& CASINOM-IV followed the New York door rule as usual and had pussies wet waiting to get in. As usual Gerry had the circ de solel action with his couture design bestowed upon actors and models. Security put up the right amount of resistance and if you weren’t on any list that was open you had to pay a proper $20.00 admission.

Representing for M-IV

The club was relatively easy to find especially since the surrounding shops had not yet been leased so one had to simply follow the music. Once inside the club the floor descends thru several VIPs, to a dance floor and a really decent sized stage. Of course as always an impressive sound system was in effect and the djs represented nice and proper like.


Oh yeah and a big shout out To my man LUKA. (I hope I spelled your name right!)

Troy Majesty Banks.