SAT JUNE 2ND 2012 Bodymove @ EGG LONDON U.K.

After smashing box office records with their March Miami Send Off Party with Layo & Bushwacka, Bodymove’s Ibiza Send Off all-nighter welcomes two more house juggernauts as two of Spain’s most prolific producers, DJ Chus and David Penn play their debut sets at Egg London.

Their percussive, rolling and hugely danceable take on house music is what puts Chus & Penn in a league of his own – the New Iberican League. Pioneering the Iberican Sound, a delicious mix of hypnotic organic house, warm and intense with a strong tribal essence which fuses naturally with modern tech-house, DJ Chus & David Penn are set to take the roof off at Bodymove’s Ibiza Send Off on June 2nd. Rocking a late night crowd that love to carry on well into the morning hours, Bodymove carries on in hedonstic house music style, supported by UK house dons, Audiowhores and Secret Sundaze’ James Priestley