Rita Ora Praises Roc Nation in ‘Roc the Life’ Single: Listen

Rita Ora Praises Roc Nation in ‘Roc the Life’ Single: Listen

by Brennan Carley, N.Y. | July 23, 2012 6:45 EDT

Not content with conquering the U.K. alone, Rita Ora continues her American take-over with her new rock-infused single, “Roc the Life.”

The Roc Nation signee has been performing the fiery song at her live shows for several months now, finally releasing the studio version in the lead-up to the U.K. release of her debut album, “ORA.”

“Kick a motherfucker to the cizzurb / you think you crazy, I’m bizarre” she purrs on the song’s walloping verses, leading to a quiet chorus that feels restrained in comparison.

With the release of “Roc the Life,” Ora proves how difficult it is to categorize her as an entertainer. She’s joined artists like Ke$ha in the party-rock arena with “How We Do (Party)” and explored moody, “Take Care”-style heartbreak in “R.I.P.,” penned by Drake himself. “Roc the Life” showcases a harder side to the bleached-blonde singer, plunging into depths not mined in those songs.

The studio recording doesn’t fully capture the brunt force of the track as it’s been performed in concerts; in the flesh, Ora transforms the anthem into a celebration complete with head-banging and spiraling guitar solos

“ORA” will be released on August 27 in the U.K., with a U.S. date not yet announced. Its lead single, “How We Do (Party),” has reached No. 67 on the Billboard Hot 100.