Services is not just another club listings web site. We are also a service. The extent of our services
has yet to be defined but at the moment we are “Web support for night club owners, managers, promoters, major and
independent record labels, local artist and bands”.

We send out “Reps” to gather info from various night clubs for our reviews section. So we humbly ask any club owners or managers
to grant complimentary services and admission to your venues and its “V.I.P.” areas. We also ask that you allow certain devices such
as “Video” “Camera” and “Audio recording” equipment so that we may display results of our visit to your venue on our site.
Listing your club on the site is “free” but any other info you might wish to
add besides your venue address, name and phone may incur some cost .

  • Street team services: Our reps will distribute up to 10,000 flyers and other promotional flyers for $100.00 per week
  • Banner advertising and Audio (pre recorded commercial) $100.00 per month for a limited time
  • Website Design
  • Custom Flyer design: Starting at $100.00 – CLICK HERE to visit Promotional Supplies for ready-to-order flyers, cards and invitations
  • Event and Promotional Photography
  • Underground Radio advertising – Varies per station
  • Pre – Production audio recording: Starting at $35.00 an hour

Prices are negotiable and promotional services can be customized